Artists Mastered Here

The Craft

Successful connection between the fan and the music is paramount to realizing the value of an artist’s creative vision.  At Capitol Mastering, we believe our role is to help steward the quality of that connection.  It’s about the highest level of sonic integrity and truth to the performances.  It’s about translating the music to the fan with an absolute commitment to fidelity.  Capitol Mastering has helped that happen with countless artists and iconic records.

Our Tools

The tools we use to apply our craft at Capitol Mastering are a unique blend of renowned legacy and state-of-the-art instruments.  Legendary echo chambers.  The best of analog tape machines.  Reliable, original, and time-tested classics.  Cutting-edge digital tools and infrastructure.  And one-of-a-kind custom-built gear, handmade in-house by Capitol technical staff designed together with the engineers that use it everyday.

Vinyl Mastering

Capitol Mastering proudly boasts the living legacy of lacquer mastering for vinyl with two legendary Neumann lathes in full-time service.  We cut lacquer masters for all formats including 7”, 10” and 12”.

Vinyl mastering is a specific craft.  The characteristics of the format require special attention from decisions that precede the cutting process including mix, EQ, compression, and timing.  Exaggerated high and low frequencies, limited dynamic range, and excessive run times can introduce distortion or limit the ability of the engineer to make the best sounding master possible.   Contact us before such decisions are finalized with your music and we can help achieve the best results possible for your music.