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The Reference Remastered

High resolution studio reference monitors developed
in collaboration with Capitol Studios.

Headphones Tuned for Hi-Res Audio

Over the past few decades, the advent of digital recording has opened up unprecedented creative possibilities for artists, songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers alike as advances in studio technology have brought continual improvements in digital sound quality, flexibility, creativity, and precision. The accompanying sonic benefits, however, have not been so easily won for the digital music consumer in an environment where technological compromises needed to be embraced to service the market’s relentless demand for convenience. Today, however, the digital convergence of studio-quality sound and consumer electronics gives us an opportunity to introduce studio-quality fidelity directly to the consumer for the first time in the history of recorded music.

The Story

In 2010 Ultimate Ears Pro teamed up with Capitol Studios, the legendary recording facility in Hollywood’s landmark Capitol Tower, to design the first custom in-ear reference monitors for use by professional producers and audio engineers – the Ultimate Ears™ In-Ear Reference Monitors. For the first time, Ultimate Ears Pro delivered a monitor that features a perceived flat response curve in its sound reproduction.

The UE Pro Reference Remastered

For more than 20 years, Ultimate Ears Pro has set the standard for custom-fitted listening devices. Continuing this legacy of pioneering innovation, Ultimate Ears Pro announced its latest custom in-ear monitor, the UE Pro Reference Remastered, an in-ear monitor tuned for high-resolution audio. This marks Ultimate Ears Pro’s second collaboration with Capitol Studios. As a part of its commitment to fidelity, Capitol Studios is at the vanguard of high-resolution audio recordings.

Through UE Pro’s proprietary True Tone Drivers, which extend the frequency range, and deliver a flat response to 18KHz, you can now hear the harmonic structures and overtones that are usually missing from most headphones. As a result, the notes from high-res audio recordings can be heard just the way it was captured in the studio.

The UE Pro Reference Remastered features an internal mechanical structure that makes sure frequencies are faithfully presented. And, with the natural ambient sound occlusion of custom in-ear monitors, using the UE Pro Reference Remastered is similar to the experience of working in an acoustically controlled studio. The UE Pro Reference Remastered provides 26 decibel attenuation of environment noise. The monitors offer portability with the ability to be plugged into any audio interface with the 1/8” headphone jack or included 1/4” adaptor.

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