Charlie Paakkari

Charlie has been recording iconic artists at Capitol Studios since the early 80s. His clients include James Taylor, Paul Simon, Dwight Yoakam and Harry Connick Jr. A three-time Grammy Award winner, he has been involved as an engineer or consultant on some of the greatest recordings and projects at Capitol, ranging from Crosby, Stills & Nash to Ozzy Osbourne.
Continuously pushing the limits of recording technology, Charlie discovers new ideas and uses for the tools of the trade. He dabbles on various instruments to understand how tone can be creatively captured. Charlie believes that collaboration is where the creation begins – he consults with the artist about the direction and concept of the song before approaching a mix.
Charlie has a life-long dedication to audio production, working on albums, films and TV Scores for live broadcast, remote and commercial production. Growing up he played in various bands, and ‘got the recording bug’ early on. He moved to L.A., working in a record warehouse by day and a 2-room studio at night, pro bono until a paid position opened.